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Wanting to purchase x 10 stuff :confused:

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    Wanting to purchase x 10 stuff :confused:


    Im located in Auckland, NZ and am fairly new to x10 and home automation goings on. Just want to gather info at this stage and possibly a purchase later on.

    Just wanting to know where people purchase their x10 devices from in NZ and OZ or elsewhere in the world

    Im wanting to use Homeseer (currently have the trial version and am very impressed - so's the wife - amazingly) and am interested in the x-10 CM12 with kit - and a few other bits and pieces which I will purchase at some stage.

    The cheapest Ive found in both our countries was $170 AUD (thats through DSE - and they arent known for there low prices in NZ) which is really a woeful state of affairs as Ive seen them in America for less than a third - and Im a cheap b*stard - I know... but why pay ridiculous prices when you dont need to!

    Would anybody if anybody knows point me in the direction of US sites or UK sites or any other sites that would be able to sell this sort of thing (with the right power connectors and for 230v ) at a lower price than the rip off merchants in our countries.

    Any help would be muchly appreciated thanks



    Welcome to the world of X10 in Australia/NZ... Eg It's about 5 times the cost of the US stuff.

    The US runs 110 Volts at 60Hertz so you can't run any US X10 equipment.

    For what your looking at, DSE will be the cheapest.

    EON3 is the supplier of X10 equipment in most of ANZ and Asia. So places like get their stuff from EON3. DSE is also supplied by EON3.

    Have a read through the Australasia posts and you'll see how X10 in ANZ is supplied, and priced etc.

    In short. Go with the DSE purchase as it's ~170 including GST, where even if you purchase form the supplier (EON3) it's 195 + GST.

    If you have other questions, just ask.



      Hi rirvine

      Thanks for that, I think Ive got alot of work to do and alot of money to spend for my home to be as automated as I want it, Im thinking about adding a home network, audio, video as well as flashing lights etc. Luckily Im a structured cabler by trade so will be able to do most of the cabling for just the price of the cable. Though because Im not taking any lining off the walls, Im going to have to think of inventive ways to fish for wire. Could do it wirelessly of course but wheres the fun in that?

      Just a question to you Aussies out there - If you had the works done on your home with Automation etc does it push the property price up at all or is it seen as a 'feature' and not worthy of a price increase? Also how many new houses over there are being built with home networks included? Just wondering as it seems that this sort of thing is pretty new to NZ.. and seems to have yet gain momentum.




        Hi timinc,

        I'm also in Auckland.

        I use Hometoys as my supplier as he's local to me on the North Shore and has better pricing than found on the site.

        If your looking at homeseer and intending to use a few wirelss motion sensors I would recommend purchasing a W800RF32AE ( international version ). I had no trouble obtaining one from WGL designs . As well as a greater range and 256 codes this gives the advantage of being able to use security motion sensors such as the DS10. If you really want to go wired with sensors you will probably like the ocelot ( search forum for info ). The learning curve will be steeper however.




          Another Kiwi here been getting my stuff from eon3
          will give hometoys a go


            We carry the Ocelot AND the 50Hx chip to convert it. In addition, we also have the W800RF32AE ( international version )
            Martin Custer


              AO dont you have Z-wave stuff he could use also?


                Martin Custer


                  Just thought you may be interested, DSE have just added two addition x10 items to there stock. The wireless wall switch ( $32.50 + delivery ) cheaper than eon3 also the hawkeye PIR sensor. Word is that there are more items to be added soon.

                  Finally a chance for reliable stock at a semi reasonable price ( But still far more expensive than the US ). I really hope that they will start to carry the PLC module as well as the W800 all code RF reciver. The TM13 is a terrible RF unit.




                    would be very interested to no what z wave stuff you have that would work in australia on our 240v 50hz system thanks,


                      What kind of plugs do you have?
                      Martin Custer


                        If you look at the thread "plug types and wall outlets" in the Australasia section you will find my plugs and sockets listed under Australia, thanks Nick