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Surge Protection Options in Oz

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    Surge Protection Options in Oz

    Hi All,

    With summer and electrical storms rapidly approaching I'm wondering what other people are doing to protect their X10 devices in a storm ?


    PDL make 2 devices for installation in a switchboard DMSP15 & DMSP40.
    HPM Make one that I know of H6SD.
    Treat these as the first form of deffence.
    Use The Plugin Protectors Also as a second form of Deffence.
    These Devices don't normally have any effect on X10 unless they are also a "Noise Filter"

    You Might also look at finding the first phone outlet and install protection there.(first deffence).
    Phone protection works best if there is a good earth attached to the device to sink the energy.


      Barry offers you good advice,Clipsal is another austalian company who sell serge diverters however before worring about your x10 devices i suggest you protect the stuff that costs $$$$$,your computer and tv/home theatre equipment this is the stuff that will cost the most to replace.i believe a surge dirvirter installed in your switchboard is the best line of defence.