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What's so wrong with EON3??

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    What's so wrong with EON3??

    Hey you guys, I'm a newcomer to this home automation lark and I'm just about to buy a load of X10 things to automate my house, including wired lamp modules, transceiver module, 8in1 X10 remote and a few other goodies. After looking at some of your comments I'm a bit nervous of dealing with EON3 but they seem to have everything I need. Why do you guys bag them so much? Is there anything I should know? What experiences have you had?

    I don't think anyone has said they are a bad company. It's just they are expensive, and given the market size (the whole 240V/50Hz vs 110V/60Hz etc) you could understand why.

    FYI: They have just dropped their pricing.

    I've been personally dealing with one of the directors of EON3 over the last few weeks due to a big order I placed with some LWM1 Dimmable Micro Module's and AWM2 Appliance Module Module's. Also had some problems with a (now ex) dealer of their's. The tech guys and everyone else at EON3 are generally very helpful. I think they made a few mistakes when they first entered the market, but they seems to understand the market a bit better and understand they had to be a bit more competitive with pricing.

    My only real issue with them is some of the pricing. Ocelot's for one are way too expensive, which is why I got mine from the US.

    Feel safe ordering from EON3. Just some tips that if you can get whatever you want from Dick Smith, then get it from their
    It's cheaper than ordering direct from EON3.




      I ordered a lamp module from EON3 on Tuesday this week and was told it would be sent out that day expecting arrival on Wednesday.

      I paid $9.90 for the shipping and called up today (Thursday) to find out where it was....and was told it would be shipped today by overnight courier and that I'd get it tomorrow.

      The only reason I ordered from them rather than go to DSE was that it I ordered the new lamp module which DSE don't stock.

      If you're in a hurry for your stuff don't order from EON3.