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Whole house audio receiver and speakers help

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    You should be fine. You can check out the tech specs of the AB8SS here:

    Towards the bottom it shows the impedance presented to the amp based on the number of speakers switched in. The minimum impedance is ~5 ohms, so as long as the amp is spec'd to simultanously drive it's A and B outputs with a 5 ohm load (which should not be a problem for most amps), then there's no problem.

    Number of speakers selected= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Ohm load seen by amplifier= 8.49 4.98 4.13 3.96 4.05 4.27 4.85 4.92


      Looking for some information on the paging 4# on IVR's. Could someone tell me how you set this up to work. I have speaker phones and I thought all I had to do is hit #4# and speak, then it would page over all the speaker phones. But its not working for me. I was thinking it did at one time and now we are living in a house about 3 times the size of the old one and this would come in handy, or any ideas of a way to use hsphone for house intercom.
      Thanks for any ideas,