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INSTEON TSTATS Not responsing since 2.3

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    INSTEON TSTATS Not responsing since 2.3

    Hello guys !

    I see many threads talking about tstats or insteon external device problems with the upgrade.

    I have 2 installs failing on polling and control after upgrade of homeseer.
    I use the latest Insteon T-stat script, latest insteon plugin version and I have no other known problems with Insteon devices. Just with the tstats script.

    Many people report having fixed the problem by reinstalling or fideling around but I cant find any concrete solution to solve the real problem.

    Anyone can shed some light on this ? I have tried all solutions with both my installs and they just wont respond. One install gives me no error or even log events and other install wont even start the script so it installs the tstat devices automatically and demo events.

    Thx in adance for any insights !

    I eventually gave up on the HS Beta Insteon Plug-in for this very reason. I never was able to get the T-Stat script to work after upgrading, so I moved over to the ISY interface. Although at the moment, you can't see the temperature of the TStats in HS, you can control the setpoints through Bob's Alpha ISY plug-in and if you're really interested in the temperature (I'm sure this is only a temporary thing), you can access the ISY interface and see and adjust the setting there.

    Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

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      Thx TMC !

      Ill wait another week and if this is not resolved, I guess we'll have to switch too... I notice homeseer has had multiple updates since the release of 2.3. Hope this bug is part of an upcoming update !

      Thx again !


        First of all HomeSeer version 2.3 has some serious errors and you should be running HomeSeer Also ensure your are running the latest version of the Insteon plugin from the HomeSeer updater and be sure you load the correct plugin for your hardware. Also if you want more than basic lighting control the ISY hardware/plugin is the route to go.
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          Thx Rupp !
          Actually, we do much more than basic lighting control as we use pretty much every single Insteon products out there along with X10 various modules.

          Is the ISY a replacement of the Insteon plugin and are the benefits that huge ? We do very well with technologies and networking but I am not so much into VB programming. Is the ISY solution as user friendly as the Insteon ? I will look into it this week to answer myself as much as possible on this case.

          Finally, we have running along with the latest Insteon plugin. the script we are using is also the latest from JGodman.

          Thx ! Will follow up on the ISY crash course !



            I dont know if I am the only one living this hell but I have over 5 installs with multiple problems since the first day I installed the 2.3 update on my systems. !!??

            I am having major problems with Insteon PLCs which were all workign flawlessly in

            Running all existing updates, the only update I seem to be missing is a working one. PLC not giving me any errors, everything looks good in the SDM and in the log but nothing communicates.

            Any insights on when the 2.3 final release will be a "final release" ?

            No bad toughts here, but after 2 days waisted, I miss the old 2.2 stability !

            Keep in touch guys !
            thx... LoOwEe



              UP UP UP !
              Nobody is using the Insteon tstat ?


                Although I am not using the Insteon tstats yet, I will say that the benefits of upgrading to the ISY are huge. I just recently upgraded myself and the stability and the ability to control all my links is outstanding. I would recommend the ISY upgrade any day to anyone.


                Originally posted by loowee View Post
                UP UP UP !
                Nobody is using the Insteon tstat ?