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    Originally posted by aoz View Post
    I have the schlage lock, NON-zwave (just the buttons for codes).

    I have the deadbolt.
    Deadbolt has buttons at top, deadbolt knob underneath it.

    The Zwave's are similar locks to the non-zwaves, in design.

    The Deadbolt is a VERY sturdy and well designed lock.
    We ahve a remote lakehouse, we installed two of these (one front door, one back door).

    I like the deadbolt better than the handle, DUE to the deadbolt.

    The handled one has a bolt similar to other doorknob/bolts, (the tapered style to allow for closing, not as thick as the deadbolt).

    The deadbolt is thicker, seems more secure, and has a nice door inset that is stronger than just a decorative plate.

    The handled unit STILL looks very durable (we looked at them as well), AND that handle feature (open with your rear end) is an attractive feature, AND a more important feature is that you can close the door by pulling on the handle, and the bolt closes like other door bolts, BUT the lock then engages (actually you can set it to Lock automatically (thus not needing to press button codes), OR to NOT lock when you close the door (thus requiring buttons to open).,
    REASON apparently is to not lock a child out of the house if they walk out, etc.

    Anyway, just my two cents on the locks themselves

    HOpe this is of benefit
    Thanks for that. Maybe something as follows:

    Z-wave deadbolt
    Schlage lever latch to match the deadbolt's color/shiny.
    Unlock the deadbolt, and then use the rear end to open the latch with the lever.

    Is there such an animal?

    Can both the schlage z-wave deadbolt and lever locks work together and actually fit in a standard exterior door (USA) with existing holes, latches, etc?

    If they would fit, would they look odd? I was hoping to get a combo lock with the deadbolt being z-wave enabled, and the other one simply a latch without any locking capability. One key, one code.

    Automating made easy


      If you had a brand new door, I think you could mount both of them, and I don't think they'd look TOO bad (bulky, but not bad)

      I think the sets do match (brass, or finished silver/gunmetal)

      re: combo, not sure if it exists


        Originally posted by macromark View Post
        FYI - We're now authorized Schlage distributors:

        Mark, I notice your note:
        NOTE: HomeSeer support for the Schlage locks is not yet finished...

        My question is, will it be finished before the June coupon expires. I jumped on the HSTouch promotion (long) before the software was ready, and I'm a little gun-shy right now I guess. But this is one more interesting product pushing me toward a z-wave installation project.