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new camera... expensive but looks nice

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    new camera... expensive but looks nice

    Ok so im still unemployed... but my son loves his rc car.. cheapo radioshack version.... but when I start working again I want to get back into rc cars... I had a traxxas t-maxx which I had $1500 into it and ran on 35% nitro methane!!!!

    I bought the x10 wireless camera to put in it but never did..
    well im just browsing the web again and wanted to shout out at something to keep eyes on....

    now it is expensive right now at about $250....
    but checkout the video feeds!!!! handles sd card too... videos look nice... weatherproof too....

    also the video
    HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

    HS - HS3 Pro Edition

    Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

    Hardware - EdgePort/4 DB9 Serial | RFXCOM 433MHz USB Transceiver | Superbus 2000 for Concord 4 | TI103 X-10 Interface | WGL Designs W800 RF | Z-Net Z-Wave Interface

    Hi Telefragger

    I'm not into R/C, but I thought about buying one of these...just as a toy



      I can see that married to a Roomba.
      Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.