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    Originally posted by Gogs View Post
    I understood the plan was to shut down the "Help Desk" as we know it and replace it with either the "Paid Support" or post in the relevant forum!

    If this is not the case what is the point of having a "Paid Support" desk?
    Nope, the help desk is for sales, RMA's, Licensing support, and these automated errors.


      We will have some forms on the support page where you can submit bug reports and such, just not there yet, soon.
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        A "known bugs" section could really help avoid filling up the bug reports forum with the same stuff, and people saying (me too, me too)
        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add something like this... each version, and it's known bugs or (broken features)

        A troubleshooting FAQ of everything to do and try before reporting a bug or asking a question might be helpful as to not plug up the bug reports forum with stuff that isn't really or likely isn't a bug.

        Windows version, homeseer version, hsphone, disabled plugins?, homeseer as a service?, any unique configuration that we should be aware of?, etc...

        A bug report webform that asked all this information, that would create a nicely formatted post in the but report forum could help make sure that all of the questions that are asked 1000's of times a year are answered.

        A troubleshooting flowchart might be nice, so you can try many steps one by one and figure out what to do next before asking for help.

        Just some ideas... sorry for the long post once again. I get too easily worked up.
        Joe (zimmer62)

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