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In an ideal world:XBMC plugin for HS and HStouch

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    In an ideal world:XBMC plugin for HS and HStouch

    i have just started testing XBMC (open source)and it is a great mediacenter. One of the "killer" applications is the iphone remote where you can browse your files and of course start the media you want to be played. It shows cover art and the movie info on the phone. You can see an introduction of both here:

    In an ideal HA/WAF world (very subjective, i know) XBMC would be integrated with HS and HS touch. Wouldnt it be great to browse your media in the HST interface? With cover art and info, and just touch the cover art to start a movie? XBMC plays all formats including .iso right out of the box. It has a mymovies like library inbuild, and it plays 1080p on an acer revo . Im imaging a webdt 360/366 as my ultimate remote.

    Since im no programer what so ever, im writing this with the hope that some of you programers out there gets just courius enough
    I would be willing to pay some good money for this plugin.

    For those that are intrested heres an link to the XBMC api
    I think the iphone remote uses this.

    Thanks for your time

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