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Email SMTP error sending file attachments

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    Email SMTP error sending file attachments

    I have homeseer sending an email when a vehicle approaches in the driveway. I am trying to send a picture at the same time by inserting "html\capture\cam_1.jpg" (without quotes) in the file attachment on the event. When I do this I receive the following error: Sending email using SMTP: The specified protocol is unknown.

    I have searched many posts and located this one:

    Bill Brower posted a picture of his setup and I have configured it the same way. I am still receiving this error and the message will not send. If I send the message without the file attachment I do not receive the error and the message is sent properly.

    Never mind. Need more sleep. It is supposed to be c:\program files\homeseer pro\html\capture\cam_2.jpg

    Is there a way to grab the image from a url or am I limited to the above (i.e. http://mywebsite/capture/cam_2.jpg) as the image is located on another server?