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    Prioirty Support.

    Whilst I clearly understand that non payers should not be able to Post to this thread, I do not see the harm in everyone being able to read these threads. If issues are raised and solved in the priority posts would it not cut down the traffic and posts on the same issues in other threads? What's the point in keeping solutions secret? are not all license payers entilted to software that works?


    I agree

    I agree with Phill 100%. Anyone who has paid for the product should be able to see solutions to problems that have been posted to that area.
    Why would Homeseer support want to deny legitimate users solutions to their problems??
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      There's already a thread started on this topic.

      I'd suggest adding your comments to that thread instead of starting a new thread.

      Rich has already answered some of the questions in that thread but has not specifically addressed your question. Asking it in that thread may get a response since it appears that Rich has been monitoring it.