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zwave switches, application question

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    zwave switches, application question

    to all,
    want to put up an outside light, on a fence.
    Want to put an on/off switch on it, outside, zwave.

    would like a lighted switch (switch light is OFF when regular light is on, and switch light is ON when light is off, so somene can see outside switch when they arrive at this rural location)

    do NOT want motion sensor (my wife does not)

    and, inside, have an accessory switch to associate with the light switch

    direct power would go to the outside light and its switch

    which switches would work best (outdoor application, durability?)

    the lighted switch, if not available, would be tolerated


    How far away from the nearest other zwave switch will this switch be? Zwave works best in a mesh format and you need at LEAST one other switch in range, and ideally more. Many have an LED. Not sure if that is going to be right enough for you. I would also think you would need to switch sheltered from the elements, which might also impact being able to see the LED.


      i just ordered the act home pro
      ztw switch , and the zrw switch. I'll give this a try.

      This goes to an outside pole light. It is about 25 feet from bedroom, and I have one of the Intermatic On/Off relay switches plugged into outlet in that room.

      Straight run of wire from basement, underground (already exists), to pole light, will put the ZRW switch out there (will put in water protected box).
      I'll put an outlet out there also, to plug in a night light

      Wire -> 0utlet -> switch -> light

      Inside, will place the ZTW switch

      (in fact, the zTW switch inside will only be about 25 feet from pole also)

      We'll see what happens : - )