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    Remote interface question

    Ok crew, have HS up and running and am able to do a plug-in and control some basic objects around the house. However, when I introduced the marvelous mystery of remote management via our portable computer, my wife gave me a blank stare. Sooooo, I need to think about hooking into an interface which "looks" less techno and has more "pictures" if I am going to sell this concept of home automation to her.

    Here is what I need: After many hours of scouring the Message Boards, I would like someone to please compare and contrast the various remote interface systems. ie. HSTouch; Maestro; TouchPad; Jon00 Web Page Builder, and provide some insight about which way to begin my journey. All too often, I have started down one path only to realize I needed to go another way. So, in spite my old age, I am not too proud to ask for directions (in spite of what my wife might say about that!).

    Thanking all in advance,


    Being the author of two of these, I think it would be inappropriate for me to comment on this, however here is a near definitive list of front-end solutions for Homeseer:

    Touchpad - Free included with Homeseer
    Jon00 MyControl - Donation (from my homeseer site)
    Jon00 Webpage builder - Free (from my homeseer site)
    HAControl - $35 with all modules included (in updater)
    Maestro - $30-$40 per module (currently 10 modules available - in updater)
    MainLobby - $220+ needs application & HS plugin (plugin in updater)
    HSTouch - $200 or $300 (plugin in updater)
    Girder & Netremote $100+ depending on versions (free plugin in updater)
    XLobby - $?? This was free but now commercial.
    Rover - Free (in updater)


      Wow, this is a tough one, they all have plus' and minus'. It's going to depend on what your ultimate goal is. Weather it be touch screens around the house or just something to log in remotely here and there. It will also depend on your level of expertise with the computer itself.

      I can only speak to the ones I've tried of course and they are my own opinion and others experiences may be different as we all have different expectations and needs.

      Touchpad while still functions if you work at it I think is gong by the way side.

      Jon00 Webpage builder is excellent and I use it all the time as my first page when in the system itself or from a PPC just for a quick status of things.

      Maestro while very nice looking and fairly easy to get up and running was not as flexible as I would have liked.

      MainLobby also very nice but has a fairly large learning curve and takes quite a bit more knowledge than I was able to gather just to get a pretty picture on my screens.

      HSTouch is my current choice, easy to get up, very integrated with HomeSeer. It's still fairly new and not quite mature yet but all in all my favorite as far as operation and ease of use.

      Girder & NetRemote works and can be nicely done DEPENDING on your level of computer savvy.

      Rover is an excellent little package for very small smartphones, Etc. Not as graphical as some but that's what makes it so fast on small, underpowered devices.

      When things are all said and done it comes down to personal preference and your level of expertise.
      XPpro SP3 /w HS Standard, HSTouch Server -, HSTouch Client HSTouch Android -, HSTouch iPhone -
      Playing with HS3 a bit but it's just play at this point.


        Remote graphical software

        Thank you both for the prompt reply to my questions re. a graphical user interface.
        As usual I failed to address all of the things I had in mind for the GUI. Also, I failed to remember the old "ya got to give and take". Dont know how I missed that one!

        Hopefully, I will migrate to a portable touch device (screen w/ embedded windows) which can be portable, but easily read (read old eyes!). I have some programming experience (Basic; Perl; Palm PDA stuff) and believe in the theory that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. So I am not afraid to jump in and get my feet wet.

        I appreciate your opinions and information. It is very helpful to have such a knowledgeable and willing to help group available.



          Welcome to the HomeSeer message board. Let us know the direction you choose and let us know if you need any further assistance.