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    Homeseer Bar

    Now that's what I call a practical application of Home Automation. Now if it could only deliver the drink and your newspaper to you recliner, you'd be all set.
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      How do you control/work the glasses? If you order two drinks must you setup two glasses in advance of ordering?


        Actually my wife says that I have her senuous automation to get the paper and know, "since you was up, can you get the drink?"

        No glass it under the tap and hit the drink button. One drink order at a time.


          I see. Better have that glass in place before hitting the button!


            Here is the great thing, in addition to being a great Homeseer project and party pleaser. It is basically the bartender. All I have to due is set up a script once for whatever drink I can make out of the 15 bottles, and then I am done. Set up a computer or leave the cell next to the bar at a party, and just replace bottles every now and then. No need to have my bartender handbook out, or try and remember what is in a drink.

            As with every drink I pour I try and have a glass ready first ;-)


              Excellent! But you know how home automation works - never done! Now you need to work on monitoring booze levels and alerting you when something goes empty - you don't want anyone getting a Shirley Temple when they asked for a Tropical Itch!



                I think it is an original idea.
                I think this might help you for extra ideas to expand it

                -- Wim

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                  That's crazy-cool!

                  So, my first two questions are:

                  1. parts list/cost of material?
                  2. how does it interface with HS?

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                    That final touch

                    Very nice, but it calls out for HST running on a small touch screen right there on the bar. Touch the picture of your favorite drink...



                      Now that's inventive! You MUST create a video of this in action! If you do that, I'll add it to our HomeSeer YouTube channel.

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                        Great ideas

                        EkuyKendal - Great idea. What I may do on that end is program in some events and devices in Homeseer to act as drink "counters" each drink ordered will increase the count on the device and when it reaches a certain count determined by the size of the bottle I'm using, then a message will be sent by homeseer to replace the bottle. Probably something over the speakers like...."hey we need more booze over here!"

                        w.vuyk - hahaha. I laughed myself silly. My wife wasn't impressed. :-)

                        Completelyhis - You know I started with an excel file with a list of parts. It had my estimated cost and then the actual amount I spent. After my first couple of purchases I stopped. I did't ever want the spousal unit to see that amount. ;-) Let me get back to you on that later tonite when I can list it all out. I will tell you it was rather spendy. I'm sure some of the price can be cut out by other construction methods or means of "pouring" For instance the bar doesn't necessarily have to be CO2 fed. You could construct for gravity feed operation. Then you wouldn't need the CO2 or certain valves and tubing.

                        Barry - I agree. I think that once I get some time I can create an HTML page to add to HomeSeer that has all of that. Then that PDA(that isn't being used since the smart phone purchase) can just be left in a cradle with WiFi active and left on that homeseer page.

                        Macromark - I'll get on that. I don't suppose a video from my phone will be high enough resolution though will it?