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HS on MAC mini under Parallels

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    HS on MAC mini under Parallels

    Has anyone tried running the HS on a MAC mini under Parallels or VMware? If so, what has been your success / failures / frustrations. In addition, have you been able to take the next step and see if you can hook up with the MAC wireless audio stuff.
    I have a MAC mini (just purchased) and would like to retire the second box running the HS software, but would also like to keep the audio component and be wireless if possible.


    Hi Tom,

    It does work - initially that's how I used HS whilst I got to used to it. The problem I ran into pretty quickly is USB and serial connections - there is a limit to what you can add to the system in a VM - had the same issue trying VM on Windows. I've tried all manner of configs to remove a box, use the latest OS etc, and to be honest the only one that has worked reliably and without compromise is a dedicated XP on a real Windows box.

    But, you can certainly decide if HS is for you using Mac OS X VMWare.

    You can use Airfoil in the host to send audio to your Airport Express, just capture the system sound.



      Parallels / VM ware

      Thanks Jon for your prompt reply to my message. It sounds like it is a definite maybe with regard to if I am really going to be able to get to my desired system configuration by going the virtual route. I do have the opportunity to employ a fairly newer 2Gh / 2 G. RAM Toshiba portable as a dedicated device, and it seems that that may be the way to go until I have a BUNCH of time to explore the other option.
      Thanks for the tip on Airfoil. I will check it out.

      Tom Ski


        Do you use a rack mount?


          I'm running my HS on a Mac mini
          my config is only a bit different.

          Mac mini (2009)
          4 GB memory
          Min OS Windows 2003
          VMware Server 2.0
          4 X VM's Windows XP One of the is HS

          I have also run HS few weeks on my Imac in Vmware Fusion without any problem.


            Homeseer virtualized on a Mac?

            Hi Chark,

            Can you confirm again you're able to run Homeseer on Mac/virtualized Windows on a production-level? I mean.. no reboot/freeze/lose or lack of information you can complain about?

            I'm on a similar project, trying to merge Apple's iTunes/multimedia features and Homeseer (Windows!) capabilities...

            Can you give a bit more details on your installation? eg X10... RFXCom... PLCBUS...

            Also does your config need a VMWare Server Edition. Some VMWare Fusion reviews showed that it already supports USB. One need more?