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Uploading Wav files in Events

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    Uploading Wav files in Events

    Not sure how long this may have been a problem, but tried to add an event that played a WAV file today, and instead of just the file name as usual, HS (or something anyway)added a bit to this as follows:

    beep.wavContent-Type: audio/wav

    Haven't seen this before, and it isn't on any other events that play WAV's. You also cannot remove the added text befor updating and saving.

    The file does no play, and you get the following error in the log:

    24/06/2009 18:02:51 - Error - Cannot find wave file: beep.wavContent-Type: audio/wav
    24/06/2009 18:02:51 - Error - In PlayWavFile: File '' not found.

    Does anyone know how to cure this by any chance?

    I've seen this problem for a long time too. I actually stopped adding wav files to the event list in favor of using a script. Just last week I added a couple of wavs to events and didn't see this problem, and I don't know why!


      Thanks for the reply Mike. I only noticed this recently as I haven't tried adding a WAV to an event for ages. Hopefully someone knows how to fix it!