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zwave single-control battery powered switch? (keyfob related?)

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    zwave single-control battery powered switch? (keyfob related?)

    to all,
    there is a recent thread on KeyFob's and remote control.
    I am interested in something similar, but not sure so different thread

    I am interested in a zwave relay switch, to control at least one other switch. I want the switch to be battery powered, as putting 120-volts to that remote-control location is not convenient.

    (basement, has middl suppporting wall, and switches on that wall,I want to put a regular zwave switch there.)
    (the REMOTE switch would be at the outer basement wall, velcro'ed to a double-basement-door, so that when I walk into the basement, opening the right door, the button would be velcroe'd on the LEFT door, within easy reach of entrance, rather than fumbling in the dark to find the wall switch)

    I was looking at the remote controllers, and at 39.00 for couple on sale, I could use one of them, and just have it control one light, but that is overkill; I'd like a smaller switch

    any feedback appreciated.

    This is a wall-mounted controller that is battery powered. No idea if it works with HS2/3 or not:
    HS4Pro on a Raspberry Pi4
    54 Z-Wave Nodes / 21 Zigbee Devices / 108 Events / 767 Devices
    Plugins: Z-Wave / Zigbee Plus / EasyTrigger / AK Weather / OMNI

    HSTouch Clients: 1 Android


      HS carries this one that you can use double sided sticky tape on ...

      they used to carry single button key fob but I don't see it ...