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    Originally posted by rmasonjr View Post
    True - mounting mine on the ceiling of the garage was the best move I made. I just ran ~50ft of cat5 back to the serial port and used an external power supply plugged into the garage door outlet in the ceiling.
    Unfortunately for me, running any cables out to the garage isn't going to be an option. Despite my request to have a pull put into the buried conduit running power out there, it didn't get done. I wasn't here when the electrician ran the wiring. He's got two 90's underground so I can't get a fish tape through either.
    I just bought a Linksys router on eBay which I'll upgrade with WRT or Tomato and use as a WLAN/LAN bridge. Should do the trick.

    I just a short time ago put the tag in the trunk of the car with the antenna running along the top of the back seat. It's looking encouraging.
    Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


      One thing that looks interesting are the XBee transmitter/receivers. From what I've read, it's essentially wireless RS-232. That opens up possibilities of moving devices like this to wireless with little effort.
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        Guys - I just thought I would chip in with my thoughts....

        I like the x10 ideal ala Gogs, but wanted to go RF. I like bluetooth, but since moving HS into a VM (issues with USB lan sharers with my BT dongles) plus, the inevitable drain on the phone battery to enable BT have moved away from that idea

        I have several spare HE307 wall switches, supported by RFXCOM.

        So I made up a wee circuit (well, two actually) so that the two switches on the wall switch (on and off) are now "controlled" by the iginion switch.

        The first circuit now "presses" the on button when the car is started for 5 seconds.

        The second circuit "presses" the off button when the car ignition is switched off, again, for 5 secs or so.

        So, when you leave home, RFXCOM hears the ON, and when the car goes , never hears a corresponding OFF until it returns to the drive and is parked up.

        In HS, I have a simple device with the ON state being car away, and OFF being car parked.

        The HE307 is mounted in another small box with the circuits above, and is noce and neat. Its not a finished design by any means but it works. I just need to build another few!



          Originally posted by Bestgear View Post
          Its not a finished design by any means but it works. I just need to build another few!


          Thought I would update the thread. My use of a spare HE307 has been great - ended up with two 555's providing a 5 second "burst" of ON and OFF from the HE switch when the ignition is truned on or off, so via RFXCOM all is working really well. The circuit could have been a bit simpler (if possible with 555 - should have used a 556 I guess!) but electronic design is not my day job

          I have built three of these now, and still use the CR2032 in the transmitters I really did not want any hassles with ID changes when power is lost or interrupted. The battery has lasted fine so far.... I really should move it over to being vehicle powered too.

          Installation is dead easy, with just two wires - ground and switched live with ignition... nothing else

          Given the low cost of the HE307s I think its a great and reliable way of detecting the vehicles in the drive, and of course announcing their arrival....

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