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    Further to my original post, I've taken the action as suggested by lazy_bum and, while it SHOULD work, it does not.

    If you see the attached screenshot, you'll see that the Sonos transport state has become "Stopped" @ 1:55. The Onkyo's input is still on CD (don't pay attention to the Onkyo being off as I did this manually after realizing the conditions weren't working) and more than 5 minutes has passed. All of the conditions have been met but it did not act.

    Now, I can manually RUN the event and it does what it's supposed to do. (read: it turned off the amp at 2:17 according to the screenshot because the conditions had been met)

    What I can't understand is why it won't run automatically. As far as the above information states, a condition should be checked at LEAST once a minute so I would expect no more than 6 minutes to pass before the event is run. Unfortunately it's not being run at all.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated once again!

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      Great, I stumped everyone

      I tried hitting my Homeseer computer with a stick. Unfortunately, it did not fix the problem...