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IR Learn...How to deal with burst sends

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    IR Learn...How to deal with burst sends

    I can learn some commands easily such as volume that continuously repeat.

    However, I am trying to learn my receiver and it sends out just a burst instead of a continuous signal. HS recognizes the command and the progress meter gets to about 1/3, but no further.

    I have had some decent success by continuously pressing the button until HS gives me the green light. But the send becomes pretty flaky. Somewhere between 30-80% success depending on how good I was at my continuous pressing.

    Each device might be a little different, and some even change codes back and forth between two sets of codes... So I pressed "1" it would send a code, and if I pressed "1" again it would send a different code. I'd try and find any discrete codes you can over at remotecentral and learn a little bit about the IR protocol, if you get a chance.

    Which IR receiver are you using? and transmitting from?
    Joe (zimmer62)

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      I am using the USB-UIRT. I am not sure if it is a discrete code issue. I have done this learn process with Girder and another program. Both of them just accepted the burst and it worked fine.

      I think my multiple press work around seems to be working pretty good. Just have to do it pretty quickly and a few times until it gets a good signal. Pretty hack, but good enough.


        Have a look at this litle application made by the guys who made the USB-UIRT:

        Run HS, then launch the Learn Helper program. When you press a button to record and the progress stops about a thrd of the way through, then select "Accept Burst" (or something - don't have the app open in front of me).

        You can also paste in Pronto HEx codes and then push these into HS rather than having to press buttong on a remote (Note - this only works for signals that you want to "send". It won't allow you to trigger things in HS based on a received R signal).


          The USBUIRT is very particular about the intensity of the IR signal when learning codes. Proper placement of the remote is very important. I got the best results when the remote control was about 2 inches away from the USBUIRT.

          Steve Q
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