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    It does not work to connect merten usb interface in HS.



      that's a pity. Any suggestions on a Z-wave USB interface with the longest range?




        As I understand Aeon Labs is the best at present that has support for european frequency and HS.


          For me the same as Jonas said, Aeon stick work fine in the Netherlands.


            Originally posted by wim2008 View Post
            - Aeon stick must read in Merten software as last
            - Aeon stick is secondaire system administrator
            Wim, can you explain how to read the Aeon stick into the Merten software?

            Once it's in Merten can you specify the status notification associations from the various devices to the Aeon stick inside the Merten software?
            And will those translate in associations with your Home controller (Homeseer) after replicate receive?


              Hallo Nelis,

              See my earlier message from May 5, 2010 in this topic.


                Wim, that's where the quote came from.
                I just can not figure out how to add the Aeon stick into the Merten software
                - should it be connected to the USB port or not
                - do you need to push button on the stick?
                - is there a menu option in the Merten software that I missed?
                - do I need a newer version of the Merten software (now using 2.00.000)?


                  More detailled story to read in z-ware devices in Homeseer (=HS) with Merten software. I hope it is more clear now.

                  1. Before read in the software of Merten, all the devices has to be resetted. Sometimes it is difficult to reset the Merten devices. I got a little software named Firstaidtool, which can help to reset the z-wave devices.
                  2. You can use all z-wave devices, not only Merten. I have used Merten and Duwi.
                  3. Reset also the Aeron stick with the HS software. Aeon stick stays in the HS-pc.
                  4. Make in Merten software a new project. This project has to be saved.
                  5. Registrate all devices in Merten software. Version 2 is alright.
                  6. Registrate also the Aeon stick with 3 times tip on the button. Don't remove the Aeron stick out of the HS-pc.
                  7. Important: After read in all devices in Merten software, you must bring the Aeon as the last read in device. Click right on the Aeon stick and you get a pooldown menu. with a possibility of programm order. Bring here the Aeon stick to the last position.
                  8. Connect all devices in Merten software as you like.
                  9. Programm devices in Merten software.If the software asked for a devices, click 3 times on it. For all z-wave devices is this the same. When asked for the Aeon stick (is last device) use the
                  button: Zwave-manage-Replicate recieve. You cxan find this in HS:
                  10. System-administrator stay in the Merten dongle.
                  11. Close Merten software.
                  In HS Rescane devices (full); after that the devices will be visible in HS.

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                    I'm thinking of adding a load of the Merten devices to my house where I currently have a mixture of ACT plugin modules and some Fibaro modules.

                    Can you just confirm I have understood your instructions:-

                    1) Leave my current Aeon Labs stick plugged in and connected to Homeseer.
                    2) Remove all devices from the Aeon Labs stick (and from Homeseer, I guess).
                    3) Get a Merten USB RF dongle.
                    4) Learn ALL Zwave devices using that dongle (can you walk around with the Merten dongle like you can with the Aeon labs stick?)
                    5) Last thing learned should be my Aeon Labs stick.
                    6) Run the Merten software and configure devices as required (ramp rates, associations etc.)
                    7) Quit the Merten Software.
                    8) Carry out a 'replicate receive' on the Aeon Labs stick using Homseer.
                    9) All the devices show up in Homeseer and just work...

                    Is that right?




                      Jon all the information is right.
                      And you can walk around with pc en Merten dongle.
                      Merten dongle has to be in the pc.


                        I have it setup the same way.

                        Also in a later stage it's no problem to add modules to the Merten RF Connect software, setup new associations etc. Then disconnect the Merten RF Connect software and then replicate receive your primary controller to homeseer.

                        I also have a tip, do not try to primary controller to your Aeon USB stick when disconnecting with the RF Connect software. This will cause your network master to get lost. And then you'll have to reset and relearn everything to regain control of your primary controller. I did that once :-(

                        Just make sure you'll always use a battery operated switch as primary controller when disconnecting from the Merten RF software and pretty much nothing can go wrong.


                          Registration problem AEON stick in Merten


                          Is there someone who can help me out with the registration of the AEON stick?
                          The Merten software doesn't see/recognize the stick as I push the button 3 times. The blue led stays blue and is not flashing. I did an "ERASE Interface" in HS.
                          My goal is to get a Merten 4 gang battery switch into HS.

                          Thanks in advance,


                            Me to

                            I can't register the Aeon stick in Merten software, nothing happen when I 3-klick the button on the stick, left it powered in the computer, w/ and w/o HS running. Tried Send Network information and HS-include button in both HS2 and HS3 but the Merten software don't react. When using HS3 and HS-include button I gett an error in Merten, thats it.

                            Please advice!

                            Best regards, L


                              Important is to left the Aeon stick in the pc, where HS is standing on, if you do the registration.
                              If no reaction of the Merten software, reset the Aeon stick and try again.


                                I have done exactly that, does not work