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Transfer data Merten to homeseer

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  • jonas.hellgren
    Merten to Homeseer

    I have tested it today and it works.

    You have learned all modules in the Merten software and made all associations. When you exit the merten software it will write all configuration to a merten battery switch. The merten software requires one battery switch beacuse it becomes the primary controller.

    In Homeseer, delete all z-wave devices and clear/reset the Aeon stick from all z-wave devices. Go to setup, interface, manage press "replicate receive" press 3 times on the battery switch (primary controller of merten)

    The Aeon stick now becomes secondary controller. See enclosed picture, some buttons disapers beacuse it becomes a secondary controller.

    If you need to add more devices do that in merten and the use the replicate receive to import new devices. The aeon stick will show up as a node in merten and will showit as an unknown devices but it still works.

    With this approts you will take advantage of the merten products fully. All buttons on the battery powered devices works perfect.
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  • wim2008
    started a topic Transfer data Merten to homeseer

    Transfer data Merten to homeseer

    Is it possible to transfer data form the Merten software into Homeseer?
    Is there a manual how to do this?

    B.R. Wim