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    Originally posted by Rupp View Post
    If your devices are not defined correctly HomeSeer will not send the correct commands. Do you have preset-dim dimming selected for these devices?
    Yes, i have.

    And i have tried to change many device setting. Every setting seems to have different behaviour, but i see no one seems to respond correctly...

    My home devices, are Marmitek LWM1 (dimming devices) and AWM12(appliance devices).


      I think it's a plugin bug, because when i launch the dim-command from the Ocelot, the lamp module 'hear' the command and responds correctly, but Homeseer does not.

      It seems CM15pro plugin does not 'hear' this commands.

      When from the Ocelot i launch same command and CM15pro is running with ActiveHomePro software, the command are 'heared' correctly and the sttus is updated correctly.

      I hope i have explain, because i know my english is very bad.....sorry..