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Problem enabling SmartHome PowerLinc USB

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  • Rupp
    Do you have the PLC or the PLM? Depending on which interface you are running you will need to select the correct plugin from the HomeSeer updater. The PLC will install the SDM.exe and you should see this in your system tray. If this is connected you can open this app up to see if there are any messages that may help trouble shoot this issue.

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    Guest started a topic Problem enabling SmartHome PowerLinc USB

    Problem enabling SmartHome PowerLinc USB

    I have downloaded the device driver and it shows up in the log and loads correctly

    12/30/2009 8:02:32 PM - Plug-In - Found plug-in: SmartHome PowerLinc USB, version:

    However when I go to the setup->Interfaces screen and click on the enable button I get the following message and the enable button is still there and the device is still disabled

    Configuration changes have NOT been saved.
    Select a different configuration area if you wish to lose your changes, or you may make further changes.

    There are no messages in the log file.

    I have checked and the device is recognized in the system in the device manager. The device was used on a previous installation. The system is running Window Server 2003 R2

    Any help would be appreciated.