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hm-ts001 and other z-wave questions.

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    hm-ts001 and other z-wave questions.


    Originally posted by rmorton27 View Post
    The vizia product line verses Homepro (or Wayne Dalton) plug in modules. By looking at the specs I don’t notice a lot of difference between the vendors. What I am missing that accounts for the serious price disparity?
    Wayne Dalton is Homesetting by a different name - I like the Homepro because they have a pass-thru receptacle - the cost difference is probably components used by manufacturer and warranty ACT/Homepro is 2 years - Leviton is 5 years.

    Adding a z-ware device is a bit confusing to me. I have a Homemanageable (HM-TS001) temperature and humidity sensor and the population of the child devices seemed a bit like taking a meat away from a dog. Are all multipurpose devices a two-step process of importing the parent from the controller and then having to reload or I am I just screwing something up?

    Sometimes it works first time - sometimes it doesn't

    The HM-TS001 sensors have a series of configuration options; it would seem that HS2 assumes some setting for them like the wakeup intervals as just one. Is there any ways to send the sensor my own settings?
    If you wake the sensor up and go to the root device configuration that is where you will find the parameters that can be set

    Lastly battery life on these sensors is going to be a PITA. I wonder why they all seems to be battery operated. Is there any reason why one can’t bootleg an appropriate line powered DC power supply to them?
    That could be done - it has been with the HSM100 Multi-Sensor

    Do the z-wave appliance modules / receptacles have the annoying loud click (as do the x10s) when operating?
    The only receptacle that makes a loud click is the HA01C - I have the ZRR150. the CA3500 and the new VRR15-1L in my environment and the HA01C is the only one that is loud