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Setting Up Remote Access

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    Setting Up Remote Access

    Is there a step by step "how to" to set up Homeseer for remote logins' over the Web? I know Home seer offers a "pay" solution service that keep your IP address up to date if for any reason it changes but I would like to do it on my own and save a little cash!!

    All you need to do is enable remote access and use your WAN ipaddress to access your setup. Have a look at no-ip for some software to keep your ipaddress up to date. MyHomeSeer connect works well and is integrated into HS as well.


      Send Current IP Address

      You can create an event that emails you back based on receiving a message from you. Then email yourself the IP address.

      My script looks something like:

      sMsg = "Current IP address is: " + hs.WanIP
      hs.sendemail "EMAIL ADDRESS HERE","FROM EMAIL ADDRESS HERE","Current IP Address",sMsg

      Good Luck.

      I also use the paid service from HS and it works great. Two systems and I do it 2 different ways.