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    Water meter units

    'm using the ACRF2, Bert's RFXcomm dual band USB receiver, and McsTemp. Great combo. I'm now adding a water meter and RFXmeter (3 input pulse counter transmitter) to the mix. Eventually I'll fill the other two pulse inputs with AC power and gas monitoring.

    My question is with the units for ACRF2 environmental device "RFX water meter". My water meter outputs 10 pulses per gallon, but the default in HS/ACRF2 is 1 pulse per gallon. This means I'm showing 10x the water consumption than I really consume.

    How do I get the units right?

    I had the same problem with my homebrew water meter reader.
    The pulses came too fast for my ocelot to record. I built a divide by 10 counter. Not an electronics expert, I just googled 'till I found out how.
    I used a 4017 decade counter chip and it worked out fine.



      I actually want to have the fine resolution of 10 pulses per gallon. I want to accurately measure toilet flushes, dish washing, etc. My water meter (Omega FTB8007B) has the option to move the rotating magnet to to get 1 pulse per gallon if that is what I want.

      Bert's RFXcom plug-in has this option of dividing by 10, but the ACRF/ACRF2 does not.

      Any other ideas?


        Can you not use Berts plugin then?


          xapmcsRF supports all the sensors that Bert has published specs so if you do not find the solution you need elsewhere you can go this route.



            I could use Bert's plug-in. He already sent me a PM stating it does these kind of offsets. However I was hoping to not need to spend another $40 for what appears to be a plug-in that is almost identical to the ACRF2. I'm also not sure if the ACRF2 and RFXcom plug-ins would work well together. In the end, with Jon not actively supporting his ACRF2 any longer, I may be forced to go this route and consider it a lesson learned.


            I'm not up on Xap. Another item to add to my list of things to look into.