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Schlage link lock setup?

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    You need to get 4 devices from the lock as shown on the attached graphic.
    1. The root device is where the configuration is done.
    2. The Alarm Device shows which user opened it last.
    3. The Battery device is self explanatory.
    4. The Door Lock Device shows the current status of the lock and has the control function on the right side.
    Not sure whether you need to delete and add again, OR simply go into the root device and Rescan. Try the rescan first to see if the other devices are created. The installation manual needs to be updated to reflect all these little bits.

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    Guest started a topic Schlage link lock setup?

    Schlage link lock setup?

    Hi. I am a little new to setting things up with homeseer and i have a fe599 lock and I am using homeseer pro latest version. I have tried just about everything but for some reason I can not figure out how to get homeseer to send commands through my z-stick series II. it adds the device and see's it but this is what I get On Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface ______ Q1 (2) Z-Wave Door Lock Yesterday 11:32:18 PM with an on and off button in device status page. Am I missing anything. Does anyone have an idea as to where I can find instructions on how to add the device correctly to homeseer. I tried using the instructions that came with the z-stick and also the one pdf with instructions on adding a device to the z-stick and deleting a device. I just have a feeling that I am missing a step or I am looking in the wrong place on using the device.