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ZW3101-WCS and Local Control

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    ZW3101-WCS and Local Control

    Just bought a couple of ZW3101-WCS. These are GE branded, plug in, lamp/dimmer modules. In the doc, it says that they can be switched by load sensing (i.e. turning the lamp on/off). Specifically, the manual says:

    Load Sensing
    Load sensing is disabled when shipped from the factory. This
    feature can be enabled if desired. Setting parameter 29 to a
    value of 1 will enable the Load Sense function.
    - Parameter No: 29
    - Length: 1 Byte
    - Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 0)

    The HS configuration page for this device doesn't show anything close... how can I set Parameter 29 with HS?

    Note: This had no response after 2 days in the Z-Wave forum. I re-posted in "General Discussion". Please reply there.
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