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Creativity/Ideas requested for Doorbell wavs

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    Creativity/Ideas requested for Doorbell wavs


    The Custom Doorbell/sounds have been a hit with the family so far..

    For the two weeks before Thanksgiving.. when doorbell was pushed... i had a turkey gobble .wav file play over the house speakers.

    from Turkey day to Christmas... sleighbells...

    Christmas to New Years... a snippet of "Auld lang syne".


    I need ideas of what kind of WAV files i should search for to use during the following.. or any other times that you may think of.

    Groundhog Day?
    4th of July?
    Mothers Day?
    Halloween (I have several ideas for this one)
    general "Spring Time"
    General "Winter"
    General "Fall"
    Sunday's during football season? ( ref's wistle?)

    The fam is wondering what it will be.... the daughters friends love that it changes every month or so...

    So... i want to crowd-source for creativity/ideas...

    Any help is appreciated.

    Andrew B.

    On my mobile phone, I let ly 4-year old doughter speak a little message: "papa, papa, er is telefoon" (daddy, daddy, the phone is ringing).

    Might be something for your doorbell.


      I have my WAVs for the doorbell rotate through seven separate sounds. The one for Sunday is actually Homer Simpson's "Doh!". It's clearly the most popular in our house.



        Very clever! You could also use random sounds. You could also create a sound byte from some currently popular songs and have a contest to "name that tune".

        Steve Q
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          I liked The Addams Family fog horn dorrebell or the gong with Lurch asking "You rang?"



            Great ideas folks...

            We actually have some Wav files of the kids singing "itsy bitsy spider" and the like from 15 years ago.. I think that's going to make the roation.

            I was also thinking of the "fog horn" from Adams family..

            Keep the ideas coming..

            I'm in a quandry about "groundhog day"....

            In our house... we celebrate groundhog day instead of valentines day.. .. (yes.. my wife is very understanding..)..

            So i'd like something special for that day ... maybe i can find some clips from the Bill Murray movie ...


            Andrew B.


              Whilst I can't help (I had the Coca Cola christmas commercial theme for my doorbell to force me into a festive mood, kinda worked although I had some strange looks from the postman) I have found this is good if you need it, allows you to select clips from youtube and export as wav saves messing around in audio programs.


                I use the Jetsons doorbell.
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                  For Halloween, I use a thunder clap. Scares the snot out of my wife, but my daughter loved it. My wife likes the attention doorbell from Star Trek the next generation.
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                  as it's powercord.


                    How about a snippet of this (from 1min 45 secs) for Haloween



                      Big Ben sound here. I tried Star Trek door but it was too short and sometimes we overheard it when listening TV. Red Alarm works fine though.
                      I finally have to put a speaker over front door that would say (after somebody would rang the bell) "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!"
                      I know I watch too much Star Trek. Did I mention my HS is called "Seven" ?? LOL


                        I have an IP cam that takes a foto at each door bell push of the person infront of the door. The picture is then publish via a mail - twitter - facebook system to my FB wall - that creates a lot of fun/reactions.

                        To insure the door is actually opened I have a boring chime sound too in the house.