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    Windows 7 XP Mode

    Anyone using HS2 in Windows 7 "XP mode" - Microsoft's Virtual PC w/ free XP license included w/ your Windows 7 license? Would it help or hurt us folks looking for a HomeSeer-certified deployment (until/if HomeSeer certifies HS2 on Windows 7)?

    i see it as worthless.. i played with xp mode trying it at work...

    every app we have except one works in win7.... and worked in xp mode...
    yet free, adjustable and seems good.. but that is a bandaid for someone that needs to use a newer os for daily functions and still leverage that piece of software not compatible....

    personally if your gonna put win 7 on a dedicated box for win 7 i say... xp mode
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      I agree, I wouldn't run HS on XPMode.

      It has it's place, but it's not very useful for most people, if you needed it for HS, just run XP as your main OS...
      Joe (zimmer62)

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        That sounds like a MAC with it's Windows emulater.

        If you wish to run XP then run XP, If you wish to run 7 then do it. I see no point in installing Windows 7 and running XP mode, XP it'self will perform better.
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          Yeah, I loaded Win7 on my non-HS machine and loaded XP Mode - cranked it up once, but havent since. Everything else works fine under Win7.
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