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Control for Russound CAM6.6

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    Control for Russound CAM6.6


    I am trying to finalize a purchase for a whole house audio system and could kindly use some assistance. I'm not afraid to spend money if it gets me the most flexible solution.

    My wiring is a Cat5e to every room and it all terminates at a single place in the basement along with the speaker copper wires. I'll have a need to control 12 zones and can supply power to the controllers using PoE.

    I've settled on two of the Russound CAM6.6 units because it seems to have good integration with Homeseer plugins, but what I don't like is the Russound LCD touchscreens because it seems like too much lock-in to a proprietary vendor solution.

    What I'd like to do is utilize the more generic touchscreens that HomeSeer sells here and use HSTouch to control everything:

    The areas I'm a little foggy in are as follows:

    1) How do I control the CAM6.6 - would I use a Bitwise device?
    2) What functionality would I gain/loose over using the Russound RNET touchscreens vs. the Homeseer HSTouch touchscreen?
    3) What would I use as a source? I'm assuming a PC with multiple Soundcards running Vista
    4) are there better solutions than what I'm thinking or am I missing some critical hardware component (speakers I have already)?

    Any help appreciated - Thanks

    One of the strengths of Russound is their tight integration. The dedicated control devices (S1, S2, Touchscreen) really do work seamlessly with the controllers. If you choose to bypass them, I'd recommend that you at least allow the option to fall back to that point if you are not satisfied with how your system is working at some point in the future.

    For HS to control the CAM you will either have to write some control scripts or use the Russound plug-in to allow your touch screens to generate the appropriate RNET commands and receive status info from the receiver. Of course, you will also need to design the screen layouts, etc., but I assume that will be the fun part.
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