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Appliance Link (2456) micro current and 120V LED bulbs

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    Appliance Link (2456) micro current and 120V LED bulbs

    I picked up some those LED 120v bulbs. They give off a soft glow when the appliance linc is off. The module docs saythe microcurrent/local control can be disabled by pressing the set button and sending 3 X10 off commands. The flashing led on the appliancelinc shuts off showing the command was accepted but the LED bulbs still glow that same. The microcurrent must still exist.

    I see several threads on his on the smarthome/insteon forum with no real anwer.. and adding a 5w filiment bulb night light is a lousy workaround.

    I imagine this one is going to come up more often as these new bulbs hit the market. I had a similar problem with some CFL's making short flashes. That one solved itself when I changed to an outlet link. I remember x10 appliance modules doing this and being able to go in a cut a diode.

    Has anyone found a way around this on an appliance link?

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