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Video playback from HStouch

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  • Lesueur
    Excellent question !
    I'm looking for the same feature...

    Although being able to select a video on HS Touch and then watch it on my TV (connected to a PC) would just do the trick. I guess this must be feasible using list box and HS events and scripts, but I'm not too sure how to do it...

    I know there is also a J.River Media Center plugin for HS; could that be an option ?

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  • markus.bergvoll
    started a topic Video playback from HStouch

    Video playback from HStouch

    I am asking this question as a lay person.

    Is it possible to make a plugin for video playback that works like the Squeezebox/ J.river plugin in Homeseer touch? Or is Homeseer lacking in the api?

    I think my HA needs will be fullfilled (not really ) if i could get multizone video as well. And controlled from HStouch of course.

    And for the programmers out there, i think MythTv has an API, but i know XBMC has a pretty good one.

    If i won the lottery next week, how much would i need to fork out for the development of this kind of plugin? (and how long is a fence?)

    I guess there are only a few that actually makes money on their plugins. It more like getting something back for the work they already done.