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Multiple devices with same IR codes.

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  • zimmer62
    I do have touchscreen devices, but teaching the GF that she has to turn on the itouch or walk over to a place where there is a touchscreen so she can change channels is not acceptable.

    Also if I'm laying in bed watching TV, I prefer a remote than looking over at a touchscreen to navigate through DVR menus etc.

    I have many devices, all located in my theater....

    U-Verse Set top
    2nd U-Verse Set top

    the main issue is that the u-verse set top boxes use the same IR codes and I can't change that.

    I could put a U-Verse box at each TV in my house, ($7 a month) but those extra boxes lack some features like the ability to pause or rewind live TV

    The goal here is to be able to watch any device from any room in the house, and I'm doing just that with a matrix hdmi switch. Gets me great quality anywhere, and I'm able to play xbox or ps3 anywhere since the theater area is close enough in distance that all the RF remotes work fine through the floor.

    If I'm watching TV on one of the u-verse boxes, and my GF wants to watch her show in a different room, or view a recording from the DVR, I can completely map which u-verse box is being sent to which rooms. The problem lies in sending the IR from that room, routed back to the correct box, that is actually being watched in that room.

    I can just transmit all IR from any room, back to the source, but you start changing channels and it'll change both u-verse boxes which is not acceptable.

    I could buy two RF remotes, and isolate each u-verse box, but then you need to know which remote goes with which receiver and it's likely you're holding the one you don't want and it's in the other room.

    Some of my goals were clear:
    1) Using two u-verse boxes to any TV in the house
    2) Using the OEM remotes, or any remote I feel like using.
    3) Ability to have the same TV show playing in all rooms in sync (the sync part was the whole reason for diving into this, since you cannot have even live TV sync up when you're using multiple u-verse boxes around the house)
    4) Easy for the GF or guest to figure out.

    Imagine a new years eve party with 3 or 4 TV's out of sync
    Ten, Nine, Eight, Tenven, Nine..ix, Five, Eight, Four, Seven

    You get the idea, watching sports like this at a bar just makes me crazy. You find the little TV in the corner is 1-2 seconds ahead of the big screen, and the people near that are cheering for a goal before everyone else..

    So as for your room A and room B, just imagine all equipment in a closet somewhere, and rooms A, B, C, D etc all need the ability to control the devices that they are trying to control...

    I'm okay with using homeseer and itouch or other events to setup the mappings if need be, but not for the channel flipping, skipping commercials etc..

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  • Steve Q
    This sounds very complicated! I don't quite understand why you would have an IR remote control in room A to control a device in room B. An RF remote, touchpad device, etc. would seem like an easier solution and would have the added benefit of controlling more than just IR stuff.

    I use my iTouch to trigger a "watch TV" Homeseer event; then Homeseer sends out all the needed IR signals to the appropriate devices.

    Steve Q

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  • zimmer62
    Ok, no one has said a word.

    This is what I decided to do.

    I'm going to use a Xantech 2 Zone Connecting Block ZC21

    Each IR receiver signal wire will be hooked up to a SPDT relay and to each signal input on the connecting block

    I'll put an ir emitter from each zone output to each set top box, and I'll find a way to trigger the SPDT relays using homeseer.

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  • zimmer62
    started a topic Multiple devices with same IR codes.

    Multiple devices with same IR codes.

    What I'm hoping to do here is solve a problem where I have two devices that use the same IR codes.

    I need to control them from anywhere in the house. I can do this just fine with the global cache units I have, and homeseer can send commands to either of them individually.

    But... What I'm looking to do, is receive IR in any room, yet have it directed to the proper device.

    Basically If I'm in the livingroom, and on the TV input source 1, I'd like to make sure the IR I'm sending gets to the 1st U-Verse STB... If I'm on input 2, I'd like the IR to make it's way to the 2nd U-Verse STB. Both STB's are in the basement and the IR cables can be isolated so there won't be any interference.

    I've thought of a few ways I could do this, but maybe get some input from you guys.

    One way was to have homeseer listen to IR commands (not sure which I'd need for this, or how fast it could respond) and map a made up set to be repeated to only one of those boxes.

    So I'd have a Xantec ir connecting block, listening to IR in several rooms. If I sent the actual UVerse codes, I'd need homeseer to pick up on that and resend them to the 1st box. If they were the made up set of ir codes, HS would translate them, and direct them to the second Box.

    Another option would be to just use a connecting block, and a relay to turn flip which IR output is on (box 1 or box 2) Then I'd need a way to make homeseer flip that relay when needed. The biggest problem I see with this way, is that if people are watching different STB's in different rooms, this could create some problems when changing channels.

    Yet one more option, is to create a matrix of sorts, and have rooms route based on a set of relays, so each room's IR receiver could be routed to the proper STB based on conditions that I have set. I'm sure this could be done, but I'd need a way to flip those relays, and would take some more thought most likely. This would however allow me to use the stock u-verse remote if I choose to do so. Maybe I could pickup an unused ir code from the uverse remote to do the relay flip-flop