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Low Voltage Current Sensor

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    Low Voltage Current Sensor

    I use the Add-a-Motor with an Insteon ApplianceLinc to open/close the blinds throughout my house. The unit requires an "on" command to open or close the blinds but it also requires an "off" command before you can send another "on" command. So I send an "on" command followed by a one minute delay and then I send an "off" command. Works great ! However, in the status page it only shows the time that the "off" command was sent but doesn't show when and if the "on" command was sent.

    Here's my problem. On some rare occasions the blinds either don't open or close depending on the time of day and I don't know if the problem is with the Add-a-Motor or the ApplianceLinc. If I am home it is not a problem as I can see what the blinds did or didn't do but when I'm away from home I obviously can't tell if they opened or closed as they should have.

    Is there something I can put between the ApplianceLinc and the Add-a-Motor transformer to sense if there was current flow and send that back to the HS Status Page? That way when I'm away and can I see there wasn't any current flow I could manually open or close the blinds.

    The specs on the transformer are: Input AC 120V, 19W; Output DC 12v, 800mA

    Thanks for any help


    Not into Insteon but if you can receive X10 commands you could always use a Powerflash to detect that the 12v was there for the motor.


      In some other thread I saw that someone put a motion sensor behind the blinds. Opening the blinds triggered the motion sensor.

      Might work in your situation.

      Your situation is also another reason why I would like to have a security camera outside looking at the house. This would also tell you if the blinds were open/closed.

      Steve Q
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