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Detect when UMA-20 receives power

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    Detect when UMA-20 receives power

    Is it possible to know when a UMA 20 device receives power? We have lights and wall outlets in a standard four way switch setup (not upb but standard switches). I don't want to replace the four way switches. I was wondering if there is a way to know when that UMA-20 device receives power (when one of the four way switches is turned on the UMA-20 receives power).


    Wow, i don't think I ever heard that question before. I don't think there is, not from HomeSeer anyway, upstart would show it's missing but HomeSeer would not. I know I have a couple of appliance modules that the wife uses for various and sundry decorations that sometimes get pulled out. I can't say I've ever seen anything in the HS logs about them being missing and when she plugs them back in they just start working again.

    Not that there isn't a way to poll it or something like that I've just never tried it. Maybe one of the other UPBers here will jump in with a better answer.
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