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  • Steve Q
    I still use the weather.txt script. It is located in the scripts directory.

    I also use a custom script that I wrote to get data from Just yesterday I discovered that accuweather has changed its web site and my script no longer gets the correct info for some items. I have made some revisions to the script and it is working but I am unable to get wind direction.

    To change the zip code just change the following line in the script:

    PHP Code:
    weather hs.GetURL("","/us/mi/CityNameHere/49xxx/forecast-current-conditions.asp?partner=accuweather&traveler=0&metric=0",TRUE,80
    The zip code is also stored in the settings.ini file in the Homeseer/config directory.

    Hope this helps.
    Steve Q

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  • tomsans
    started a topic Weather.txt questions

    Weather.txt questions

    I'm using the basic free waether plug-in from HomeSeer and it works, sort of.

    The data it pulls from the Accuweather site is OK but the routines it uses to "clean up" the text aren't all that great. My Visual Basic is a bit rusty and I don't want to take the time to re-learn it or re-write the program so I'm hoping that someone here has done that or has another suggestion.

    The second question is where is the weather.txt file stored. The only one I can find is in the Windows "Virtual Store" directory but I don't think that's it.

    The third question is where is the zipcode stored? I want to change the location.

    Any help would be appreciated.