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ACT and instant status

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    ACT and instant status

    Did ACT drop support for instant status on it's dimmers? If so, when did they do that? I have a few of the older ones and they do instant status.

    if memory serves, I thought they had to because of some patent infringement. hopefully someone in the know will chime in.


      Here is a little more info for those who are interested.

      Quite a few years ago Lutron did indeed patent a RF transmitting light switch that automatically sent its status to a controller when the switch was controlled locally.

      Hence the reason we have “Polling” in HomeSeer. Because of this patent, no other company is allowed to automatically send a status report generated by local control. So the only work-around is to have the controller call out to the switches and ask for its status.

      Kind of sucks, because it’s easy to do with Zwave devices, but you have to license the Zwave chip from Sigma (formerly Zensys) and then license the right to the Lutron patent for instant status reports.

      ACT challenged that patent and lost. For a short time they went into production with their second-generation light switches with instant status hoping they could fly under the radar, but no such luck. Soon came the cease and desist order. I don’t know this for sure, but they may have even had to pay Lutron for the products sold that had instant status.

      So, anyway there are very few devices that have instant status and if they do they are much more expensive.

      Sad… but it’s all about the money!


        Nothing like a step back... I find it amusing to watch this industry shoot itself in the foot.



          The change was made between the their first release(1.1) and the second release (2.2) - Hitech is right about the patent. An easy way to tell the difference between the two releases is release 1.1 uses green leds and release 2.2 uses blue leds


            That's a bummer. I have a handful of the 1.9 devices.

            Anybody have anymore I can buy?

            IMHO zwave devices without instant status are little better than x10. Sure I can poll it all day, but the point was 2-way communication. Push push push that status, not "can you hear me now?".


              Not to mention that I have instant status on my x10 micro modules since years .
              Zwave seems a definitive step back for me.
              I was experimenting recently with the migration from x10 to zwave in mind but I think I will stay with x10 for a bit longer, too much to loose right now.

              Anyway thanks Hitec for the explanation, I was desperately seeking Z-wave devices capable of sending instant status the last week and now I understand why I can't find any.



                Joegrace - here was some more talk similar to what you were asking.


                BTW that tag is hilarious - I remember reading that in the HS EULA - or similar.


                  Yep, it's from the EULA.