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  • completelyhis
    One of the things I like about MyMovies is that it can also be used to get my dvd's onto the HDD. I'm using version 3.11 and never installed a client anywhere, just the server on the main Media Center computer, then map or share the movies DVD to my other Media Center computers around the house.

    Media browser does look nice though...I especially like the podcast feature.

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  • TeleFragger
    started a topic media browser

    media browser

    i have been trying to figure out what to do on getting video to my computer.... i have a computer in my entertainment center..

    i tried mymovies 2.... installed server side on whs... worked great... monitored a folder.... also you install a client side and connect back..

    well i found one i like WAY better.... easier to manage... doesnt require a server side at all..

    check it out....