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CM15 error on Win 7

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    CM15 error on Win 7

    I have a brand new computer with the latest version of Windows 7 (in French).

    I've installed HS2, and I've connected the CM15 interface with interface

    It was working fine, but I couldn't send extended commands. Then, I upgraded the CM15 interface to The plugin installation program crashed with the following error: "rundll32.exe error: the application couldn't start (0xc000142). Click OK to close the application" (Aproximative translation from French)

    Then, of course, the plugin didn't work anymore: only the ON / OFF command are working; cannot dim and cannot send extended command.

    Any ideas how to fix this ?

    My old CM11 was working perfectly fine, but they don't do RS232 ports anymore on new computers, and USB to RS232 converters don't work well on the CM11...

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    If it was working and now it's not would seem to indicate software corruption. Did you try a system restore to a point prior to the hardware stopping?