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Doorbell chime based on month

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    Doorbell chime based on month

    Is there anyway to setup an event so when a device (Digital input) triggers it will play a wave file based on months or time periods. i.e (October plays a ghost sound, November plays a Turkey sound, etc.)

    I just want to know if there is some way to setup a single event with conditions, etc. to do this or do I need multiple events or a script.


    You could do it with twelve events, (I think you can do it with the conditions date wildcard D/1/Y, D/2/Y etc), I don't think you could get away with just one (unless it ran a script), although personally I would have one event, one ini file and one script.

    Have twelve filenames in the inifile with the key values as 1-12, in each key write the name of the file you want to play for that month.

    When the event gets triggered, compare the month of the current date with the ini file keys, pull the filename and play it from the script. Would only be a few lines of script, nothing much.


      You have to share your chimes, too
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        That's a great idea, my wife being the queen of holidays would love that. I never even gave it a thought.
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          You should be able to do it with one event and something like the following in the run script field of the event. As written it expects the "Jan.wav", "Feb.wav" etc in the \HTML subfolder under Homeseer.

          &hs.Playwavfile hs.GetAppPath & "\HTML\" & hs.StringItem("Jan,Feb ... Dec",month(now),",") & ".wav"