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Schlage Lever Lock and user code notification

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    I had it working last night where the log showed user code 1 unlocked the lock. Today the log just says device value is 1 and the event doesn't work. I didn't touch any settings overnight. The status page for the lock shows I last accessed it yesterday despite several successful unlocks today.

    What would cause the event and value to change?


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      So after some fiddling (I erased the lock, then re-added it) it appears that if I use a different user code to unlock the door, or lock/unlock from the inside and THEN use user code 1 the log reads "Device Alarm Set to User Code 1" and my event works. If I then open the door (from the inside using the handle) and then try to enter and use User Code 1 then the log reads "Device Alarm Value set to 1" and my event doesn't work.

      Basically if you repeat the same user code then my event doesn't work:

      Device Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Child 5 Alarm value becomes equal to User Code 1 Entered

      If I change my event to Device Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Child 5 Alarm has been User Code 1 Entered for at least 1 seconds as others have suggested my event works, but I get caught in a loop and get a email notification every second.


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        You need to trigger your event on the door becoming UNLOCKED.

        Anything else is prone to loops or all manner of bad scenarios.

        By triggering on UNLOCKED and then detect the user code entered by adding a condition to detect a user code was entered, you know which user code unlocked the door.

        It has been the only reliable method for me. If others have a trick, that's great, but I haven't seen it yet.

        Once you create the first event and get it working (it's easy to test, you just turn the lock to unlock, then relock from the inside..), just copy that event for all available user codes. Or you could script it and run a script to detect the user code and send a custom message. Perhaps replacement variables may also help in your email notifications to simply email you when the door is unlocked with the current user code device value/string combo.

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          My only issue is that in the log all I see is Device Update - Device: Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Child 5 Alarm value set to 1

          I dont see anything else in the log notifying me of a status or value change. Infact when I press the Schlage button and use the keypad to unlock the lock I don't see any updates in the status page despite a refresh.

          The only time I see a value or status change in the log is when I unlock the lock using the unlock/lock button on the back of the lock.

          Shouldn't entering the code and unlocking the lock send a status change to the log to see?

          This is why I'm stumped.....


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            Does the event run when you trigger off of the lock's status changing to off? It might not show up in the log (which is another matter) but if the event fires, you can make it work.

            Otherwise, your lock may not be updating the lock / unlock status to HS.

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              When I unlock and lock from the inside I see a status change to unlock. When using the keypad all I see is alarm value 1. Sometimes I see alarm value equals user code 1


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                Do you actually turn the lock knob or just enter the code? I know it's a silly question, but if the electronics can detect the movement and transmit it to HS, it sounds as if you just entered the unlock code and didn't actually move the knob and unlock the door. True? False?

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                  It's a lever lock. I either hit the Schlage button if it's dark and then enter the code, or just enter the code, the lock clicks, and i turn the handle and open the door. A few seconds later the lock relocks on it's own.


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                    In that case, it's time to ask for HST support as your lock is not sending the unlock/lock status change when it's unlocked via keypad and you open the door via the lever.

                    Once you get the lock to perform properly and update the status upon keypad entry and lever operation, we can return to the process of configuring event triggering. Until then, you'll have a tough time making it work unless I'm missing something (which is also possible).

                    If you're running the latest beta version of HS, you might have some options to get the lock to work without much effort. If you aren't running the latest beta, be sure and back up your homeseer folder ...

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                      tried the beta and I can't get it to even recognize my lock as a device....sigh.

                      I seriously need the ability to tell what user code is entered in a very bad way.


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                        Originally posted by tennvol View Post
                        tried the beta and I can't get it to even recognize my lock as a device....sigh.

                        I seriously need the ability to tell what user code is entered in a very bad way.
                        Did you reset your controller after loading the beta?


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                          Hopefully you have the lock back as a device now.

                          I agree with Rupp that I think your issue is with your Event. It might be helpful to post a screen capture of your Device, Event, and Log at the unlock occurence. Honestly I am having a little trouble following your entire sequence. You could use Gadwin PrintScreen (free) or SnagIt to pull the screen sections into your post.

                          For what it is worth, my events based on user codes work perfectly (I use Device Value Becomes equal to user code X), they only trigger once, and they trigger EVERY time the code is entered (even if it is the same code over and over).

                          Also, there are no user codes transmitted when the buttons on the inside (Lock/Unlock) are pressed.



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                            Originally posted by Rupp View Post
                            Did you reset your controller after loading the beta?


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                              Here's the sequence of events:

                              1) I enter the user code on the keypad
                              2) The event triggers and the action occurs, in this case sending me a email if user code 1 is entered
                              3) Door unlocks and the re-locks after a few seconds
                              4) I examine the log and it's all good so I know the event / actions works

                              My issue is with step 2. If I enter user code 1 again the lock unlocks and I see in the log that the lock has recognized user code 1 (alarm value = 1) but the actions (sending me a email) do not occur. The actions don't happen until I unlock using a different user code or lock/unlock using the buttons on the inside of the lock. Once I do this then I am able to run my event AND the actions associated with it.

                              I also noticed on the status page that the alarm device only updates at times when the action has occurred. If I use the same code to unlock the door twice in a row then the status does not update with the second unlocking.

                              Here is my event:

                              Device Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Child 7 Alarm value becomes equal to User Code 1 Entered WHEN
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                                tennvol, I had the same problem. After a lot of time spent on trial and error and reviewing the logs each time, I finally discovered that I needed to trigger on the root device changing. The following works for me:
                                Trigger Type: Device Value Change
                                Device: Garage Door Lock Root
                                Value is: Set to
                                Value: 6 (this seems to be the value for unlocked)

                                I then run a script which sets a virtual device to the name of the person who unlocked the door (based on which lock code was entered) and makes an entry in the homeseer log:
                                8/19/2010 10:02:28 PM UnLock Event The Garage Door was unlocked by Chris

                                My event then fires off an email:
                                Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 10:02 PM
                                Subject: EVENT-Lock code entered

                                The garage door was unlocked by Chris.
                                Battery level is 79%.

                                Hope this helps.