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    Z-Stick Distance

    So I just got a Z-Stick and a Schlage Link lock. After much trial and error I can't believe I was able to get it to import the devices and setup user codes and everything. However, ever since then the triggers have been intermittant. Sometimes it will register that I have entered and other times it won't. I set up an event to speak welcome to me and turn the lights on and it only happens in the morning. When I come home my entrance is not logged by the z-stick and it is not triggering the event. I am wondering if it is the distance of the Z-Stick? I don't have any other z-wave devices. Basically the z-stick is on the computer on the second floor and the lock on the first floor about 25 feet away. What is the distance of the Z-Stick? Is that too long or do you think it is another problem? How can I verify that it is not a bad connection problem? Thanks,


    You should try getting one of the Schlage lamp modules and plug it into the wall in front of the lock and it should help.

    See the bottom of this page:


      I am having the same problem.

      At the most the maximum distance between the Z-stick and the lock is about 3 meters (10-12 feet). Any further than this an optimisation fails.

      I only have a Z-Stick (S2) and a Schlage lever lock. I have checked the batteries, tried different USB ports, checked I have updated version of HS (

      Is this a problem because:
      1) The lock is the only Z wave device and is battery powered?
      2) I am using the US version (908.42MHz) in New Zealand?
      3) Something else is interfering?

      I have had to use a USB extension to put the Z stick very close to the lock.

      Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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        Well it depends on what the z-stick and the device you are trying to get to has in betweem, there could be possible interference between the devices.

        A refrigerator, heavy electrical stuff and whatnots. Just kind of state out the possibility.

        As Rupp said, you could get something to stick in between as a intermittent for the destination.