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    tenHsDesktop questions

    tenHsDesktop is great! I love it and have it on all my computers.

    Does anyone else have a problem with it preventing Windows 7 from closing? I either have to force the shutdown to continue or close tenHsDesktop manually before I initiate a reboot or a shut down.

    I have animated gifs to represent items like open doors and windows but they will not show up in tenHsDesktop. They show up fine in Iexplorer and Firefox.

    Is there a way to minimize the app?


    I will look at the closing under Windows 7 issue. Could you send me your email address via

    I display animated gifs all of the time using tenHsDesktop. A significant amount of design decisions were made based upon being able to display animated gifs.

    Currently no way to minimize to taskbar, but would be easy to implement. Could you provide some details on how you use it and when you would want to minimize so I can design the best solution.



      Often clicking on the taskbar icon is not enough to pop HsDesktop to the
      front. I then have to get other windows out of the way to dig out HsDesktop.

      Minimize is needed just to be able to clean up the desktop when you
      need to and to get it back with alt-space-move in case it winds up off the

      Occasionally when the program loses connection to HS I just wind up
      having to close it because although I want to know if the connection is lost,
      I can't minimize it and it insists on being always on top until it reconnects,
      which interferes with the use of other programs.

      (I guess I wish the window controls were "standard".)

      'Show Homeseer Log' displays 4 copies of each event. Is there a setting
      to eliminate the three echoes?

      I was able to get the animated icons working through trial and error.

      Like I said I am still using it and even with the above, I still find it the best
      way to keep on top of my devices.

      I definitely recommend it.
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        There is definitely a challenge in managing the window ontop of others. Would it make sense that clicking on the taskbar icon would bring it to the top but NOT leave it as the ontop window?

        I will look at NOT opening the log window when connection is lost.

        The reason you are seeing 4 copies of homeseer log entries is that there are time when a connection is lost due to communications issues but HS is still running and still has an event registered for tenHsDesktop. When tenHsDesktop successfully reconnects to HS it registers for the event again, and then begins receiving multiple events. I am working on a way to handle this better.

        What was the problem with the animated gifs and how did you resolve?

        I have been surprised at the lack of interest in this program.

        Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your display? I'm interested in how the program is being used.




          I love it. I can only figure that people just don't know about it.
          When combined with my laptop, the real-time log display alone is worth its weight in gold. I am sure I am not using it to its fullest potential but for a quick peek with control, I have found nothing more convenient than your code.
          Yes , absolutely. If it could pop to the front reliably with a double click from the tray that would be great. IMHO it should only ever go into "stay on top mode" if the user explicitly locks it into that mode. I can't think of a time that I want a program to suddenly pop to the top while I or someone else is in another application, say in the middle of typing or gaming for example. Better might be for the tray icon to blink or change. It could just be me but I don't even like it when balloons pop up. I think all its spawned windows should also pop to the front with tenHsDesktop but then yield to other programs immediately and independently after popping up.
          That super useful log window could definitely use a minimize button of its own but I sure would like one for the main program itself that would also take with it any other spawned windows. Best of all would be for it to have the option of minimizing to the tray.
          As for the animated icons, first I used Doomotion to change the icons as best I could. (I would imagine that there are better programs than DooMotion for achieving this.) I then tweaked the display in tenHsDesktop by playing with the order of the %i1%N%T %etc. arguments.

          Thanks for the quick response. It only took me about 6 months to post back to you.
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            Message not needed. Deleted by poster.
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