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Virtualization for Dummies: What to do?

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    Hi All

    I'm already using HSPro under VMWare workstation 9 in windows 8. The setup is a i7 intel with 16 gigs ram running 2 VMs: 1 for HS and one for CCTV server.

    Host machine is running natively HSTouch client with a dual screen. One screen is used to manage the host and the 2nd one is a touch screen used to run the hstouch client.

    This setup runs pretty well, although I would prefer to move to an ESXi server configuration. The problem that stops me moving to this configuration is HSTouch client. I know that with ESXi you cannot passthrough the Video output to one VM and this is really annonying to migrate.

    I have considered the option of one low power hw just for hstouch or even an USB-to -VGA converter, but have no references on this and I wouldn't like to add more power consumption to my current setup.

    Do you have guys any recommendation or experience into this?

    Thanks in advance


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      I have been trying to virtualize my HomeSeer, Media Center and Home Server setups and thought I might reach out to this thread for some advice. I have been searching through various VM related threads on other forums and quite frankly, there is a ton of technical jargon as well as various views on what is the proper way to virtualize (which I am not necessarily interested in). My issue is I have about 3TB of data (videos, music, photos, etc.) and I don't want to have to copy all of this over to a VM/virtual hard drive. I would rather keep the data drives as they are and access them directly. I have tried ESXi 5.1 and although I have found it very simple to get up and running, getting this to work has been a bit of a mystery. I thought I would try Hyper-V 2012 since it's MS and I was thinking would be a little happier connecting to a NTFS based drive. However, I setup Hyper-V in a VMware workstation environment and haven't been able to get the network adapter to work correctly and get an IP on my network. So rather than fumbling around with this for several more hours (probably days), I thought I would reach out to some friendly HomeSeer folk and get some advice. Specifically, would you go with ESXi or Hyper-V for what I am looking to do, and how big of a task do you think this will be to get this setup the way I want. Also, if I am missing something (i.e. there is an easy way to import data into a VM), please let me know that as well.



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        Simple! Running ESX here and have RDM's (raw device mapping) encompassing 32TB passing through to a Linux Guest as well as another 4TB being passed to a Win08 Server.

        Basically you pass the raw drive as a "virtual drive" in ESXi and it's accessed natively. If you need to move a hard drive just remove it from the Guest in vSphere and put it in a new box which will treat it just like a native drive (Which is still is)

        Best instructions are HERE.
        See the section on "CREATING A PHYSICAL RDM"

        If you need any more help just scream!