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Adding Another Signal Booster Makes it Worse!?

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    Originally posted by jimwayda View Post
    If it install the XTB-11R, will I still need the filters and the additional boosters that I am currently using?

    Don't know if this thread is cold, but Probably not.

    The XTBIIR is the best X10 repeater on the market, with the ACT CR234 being next best. IMHO.
    I have an old ACT CR 234 that has worked great for a decade and I have over 80, X10 modules in a 1700sq ft home. I have approximately a bazillion wall warts with switching power supplies, three flat screen TV with switching power supplies, computers, and monitors all with "swithers".

    A "flame thrower" repeater pumps out enough signal to overcome most of these noise sources. My only filter is on the microwave, which I think is more of a signal sucker than a noise source. The X10 - Leviton repeater could not perform this feat, and I doubt the Smarthome dryer connection can either.

    Mileage may vart, but my experience has been a "nuclear repeater" works better and is less expensive than trying to filter every noise source. And the XTBIIR is the thermo nuclear model.


      I agree; as I still have the first gen XTB running and its doing well with the combo Insteon/X10 switches I have in place.
      - Pete

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        Sounds like you want Jeff's XTB-ANR.