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Is this logic sound?

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    Is this logic sound?

    I am toying around with BLOccupied and trying to figure out how I want to set it up. At the same time I am trying to figure out how I want to tell events that do not need to run when I am away not too.

    This is how I have thought about doing it and wanted to get a check from you more experienced Seer's.

    • Created a Virtual Device called Vacation, where On is away from home and Off is home
    • Added conditions to my events that I do not want to run when I am away so that when they are normally scheduled to come on they check the status of the above device and if it is On, they do not run
    • Created events to start and stop BLOccupied at certain times and added a condition so that these events only fire if the above device is On
    • Once I have my alarm system added in to HS I plan to have the virtual device status updated based on the different alarm states, but that is not here yet

    Seems fairly sound to me, but again I wanted to see what others have done for this and how it has worked out.

    Your thinking is sound. I'm not sure what you mean by start/stop BLOccupied as I am a Doo user.

    Another thing you can do would be to determine who is in the house. I currently use a pressure sensor for the cars and ping my phones to determine who is and is not at home. These all get rolled into my occupancy devices.

    For example if everyone in the house leaves, but the room occupancy sensors are still on, I will auto-arm the alarm.


      I do almost the same thing, I have an away mode that is triggered by either just turning on the away mode device or all the cars in the family being gone.

      Away mode does different things depending on time of day. it will trigger lights either on or off again depending on time of day. The away events will do different things such as play a little music at random times, turn off the phones, set the alarm, etc, and if it's nighttime bloccupied gets turned on to trigger some internal lights off and on to give things that lived in look. All standard events will check to see if the away mode device is on before running the normal routines, if it's off they get run, if not they don't and things are running on the away mode events.
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        That's pretty much exactly how I use it. I have a virtual Home/away device that I set to Away when gone. I have events to turn BLOccupied On and Off if I'm 'Away'. Has worked fine for me for a couple of years.
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          Bootsc5: how do you ping your phones? I am guessing you are using a wifi connection, but dont they use dhcp and arent you concerned about them grabbing a different address at some time? Do you have the lease time set way up to like 20 days or something?
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            Most routers allow you to have DHCP assign the same IP addy every time based upon MAC address.


              Originally posted by manxam View Post
              Most routers allow you to have DHCP assign the same IP addy every time based upon MAC address.
              This. I have a linux box running DHCP. Even if the device got a new IP, a consumer router with DHCP should also be able to service internal DNS requests.