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    AQ Wireless Speakers

    I have just purchased wireless AQ Speakers with a view to using them throughout my home. You can buy additional speakers and add them to your setup as you expand. Great sound quality - thought that I was onto a winner, but......

    After about 2 minutes of no sound it "sleeps" which requries 2-3 seconds to wake it again. Most of my announcements are barely over 3 seconds and I end up missing most of the announcements. I will probably have to send them back which is a shame.

    Does anybody have any ideas how to overcome this?

    Ideally I would hardwire everything as I progress into each room but I need a 'hub' to distribute it from. I would love to get hold of the HACS AB8SS if it were still available.

    Can anybody offer any ideas?

    Has anybody made use of audio distribution with products from this site:

    Maybe you could have a 3 second wav file play before your announcements so that the speakers sense sound before the announcement?
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    Playing with HS3 a bit but it's just play at this point.


      You should try one of the speaking proxy plugins. These allow you to queue your speech and then "release" this queued speech at a choose time and after you do "other" things. So you could probably send a minute wav and then release the speech. There's the free isSpeaking plugin and the better SpeakEasy plugins as well as others if memory serves me correctly.


        That would work for the first announcement. It would be a bit more tricky to have it not play the 2-3 sec .wav file everytime i.e. when it did not need to be played (I would end up with 2-3 sec noises between announcements that are close together).

        I suppose that I could monitor a variable and have it change after a set period of silence. Each time HS speaks an announcement I could get it to check the variable first and decide to run the 2-3 sec .wav file first or just speak as normal.

        I will have a play with this now - they are very good speakers, it probably is worth the hassle.


          Thanks Rupp - I will look at that too. I use Ivona voices, will they still work with a proxy plugin?


            Originally posted by Hebs View Post
            Has anybody made use of audio distribution with products from this site:
            I haven't used their equipment for audio distribution, but have used the ASEL for video...

            Good company, good product (in my experience)