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    Insteon watchdog

    Hey guys !
    We are having constant downs on our powerlinc USB and powerlinc modems installations and there is no way to get notification of insteon not responding other than triggering an event or controlling devices trough the status page. Is there anything we can do to get an alert as soon as Insteon reports bad communication when polling a device ?

    Some kind of watchdog for Insteon ? Maybe trough a script ?
    I could poll a specific device every 15 mins and I woule like to trigger an event if this poll returns negative - bad communication.

    Anyone ? script ? plugin ? ideas ?

    Thx !

    I used to have this problem. It was solved a few versions prior to 1.5.5 of the insteon plugin. (I'm using 1.5.5 now and it works great too.)
    The plugin now auto recovers most of the time. If auto recovery doesn't work, then it provides a trigger to trigger an event for interface failure. I have an event set to reboot the PC in that case. So far, so good.

    What I could use is a watchdog for the case of HomeSeer itself locking up. The ideal would be an insteon device that would momentarily interrupt power to the PC if it didn't receive an insteon command every 15 minutes or so.


      Thx Joegr !

      The update did some prob on our DB but the reliability seems to be improved in deed... See the 1.5.5 thread for DB corruption prob. Thx again !